TIMES curations at Sónar 2024

TIMES was in Barcelona!

With curations from Berlin Atonal, Nuits sonores & reworks, the TIMES programme at Sónar 2024 explores innovation and creativity in music and beyond.

Iceboy Violet & Nueen — Credits: Clara Orozco

Between afro-inspired club music, AV drum solos, the best of the Spanish rave scene, ethereal pop and emotionnaly raw spoken word.

At Sónar+D, ‘Curating the curators’ brings together the brightest minds you’ve never seen on a stage before: the curators.

Curated by Berlin Atonal 

Iceboy Violet & Nueen present ‘You Said You’d Hold My Hand Through The Fire’
Valentina Magaletti & Theresa Baumgartner present ‘Lucha Libre’

Iceboy Violet & Nueen — Credits: Clara Orozco
Valentina Magaletti — Credits: Carlotta Serarols

Curated by Reworks

Coco Em
Olof Dreijer & Diva Cruz (Hybrid Set)

Olof Dreijer & Diva Cruz — Credits: Ariel Martini
Coco EM — Credits: Carlota Serarols

Curated by Nuits sonores

Blck Mamba 
TORO presents: Softchaos, Engalanan, Wicboyx

Blck Mamba — Credits: Cecilia Diaz Betz
TORO — Credits: Clara Orozco

Discourse programme

Curating the Curators‘ presented by TIMES

Credits: Cecilia Diaz Betz

Sarah Friend – ‘Organizational Games: DAOs and their archetypes‘ co-curated with Berlin Atonal & reworks

Sarah Friend — Credits: Jean-Marc Joseph
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