Throwback to TIMES curations at Nuits sonores 2024

TIMES was in Nuits sonores!

The Lyon-based festival joined forces with Elevate, Terraforma and Unsound to offer an eclectic and cutting-edge programme.

Credits: William Chareyre

Between intergalactic voyage, frenetic electro, polyrhythms, cascading kicks, psychedelic sounds or dreamy atmospheres, TIMES curations had been showcased at Le Sucre during dedicated NS Clubs as well as into the Days programme.

Full TIMES music programme
2k88 (live), 33EMYBW (live), Ale Hop & Laura Robles “Agua Dulce” (live), Darwin, Iglooghost (live), JakoJako (live), Mala, Paquita Gordon b2b Marco Shuttle, Rama, Salò (live), Sleek Fata, Sofia Kourtesis, Toé, Toupaz, Ziúr presents EYEROLL w/ Sander Houtkruijer & Elvin Brandhi (live), Zoë Mc Pherson (live)

On the discourse side, Nuits sonores Lab welcomed TIMES curations for a talk and a workshop, relying on its partners’ expertise towards philosophy, meteorology and science.
With: Ecology of Care, Mariavittoria Perrone from Terraforma, Nono Gigsta, Maxime Noly and Cécile Moroux.

Co-curated with Elevate

Toupaz (AT)
Zoë McPherson (UK)
Iglooghost (IE)
Darwin (CA)
JakoJako (DE)
Mala (UK)

Mala – Credits: Juliette Valero
Zoë Mc Pherson – Credits: William Chareyre

Co-curated with Terraforma

Toé (FR)
Salò (IT)
Paquita Gordon b2b Marco Shuttle (IT)
Mariavittoria Perrone (IT)
Nono Gigsta (DE)
Maxime Noly (FR)
Cécile Moroux (FR)

Cécile Moroux & Mariavittoria Perrone – Credits: Tony Noel
Paquita Gordon b2b Marco Shuttle – Credits: William Chareyre
Salò – Credits: Juliette Valero

Co-curated with Unsound

Sleek Fata (FR)
2k88 (PL)
Ziùr w/ Elvin Brandhi & Sander Houtkruijer (DE)
Rama (EG)
Ale Hop & Laura Robles (DE & PE)
Ecology of Care (WW)

Ziúr – Credits: Laurie Diaz
Laura Robles – Credits: William Chareyre
Ale Hop – Credits: William Chareyre
33EMYBW – Credits: Juliette Valero
2k88 – Credits: Laurie Diaz
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