Berlin, Germany
Avant-garde techno

Zoë Mc Pherson

A new star on the avant-garde techno scene, Zoë Mc Pherson envelops her audience in a captivating universe of intense, swirling electronic music. Characterized by their cascades of kicks, her musical creations are truly immersive experiences. In 2020, Mc Pherson co-created SFX, a label dedicated to transdisciplinarity and audiovisual art, in collaboration with video artist Alessandra Leone. Mc Pherson’s feet have barely touched the ground since the release of States of Fugue, and this year will see her present a new album entitled Pitch Blender.

Zoë Mc Pherson is curated by Elevate at Nuits sonores 2024, as part of the NS Club x Elevate.

2076 2560 TIMES
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