TIMES is a collaborative project that brings together 10 European festivals and an audiovisual partner to create original performances that combine music and visual arts. As well as the co-curation of artists and the project’s original performances, TIMES aims to support, promote, and improve diversity and sustainability within the music sector.   

Co-funded by the European Union, TIMES is a collaboration between: Berlin Atonal, Elevate, Insomnia, Le Guess Who?, Nuits sonores, Reworks, Semibreve, Sónar, Terraforma, Unsound, and our audiovisual partner Creative Broadcast

Building on six years of the project We are Europe (2015-2022), gathering c/o pop Festival and Convention, Elevate, Nuits sonores & European Lab, Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora, Sónar & Sónar+D, TodaysArt and Unsound, TIMES is the next step of the project aspiring to promote artistic and creative collaborations to actively work towards a better future for European music scenes.

In an era of dominating live music giants, surging hegemony phenomena, and artists’ fees rising, 10 European festivals have chosen to work together. Eager to introduce long-term collaborations in their practices, this approach will ensure greater sustainability in all its forms, build the conditions of more solidarity in the sector and boost opportunities for the electronic scenes.

By connecting emerging artists with more established ones and insuring their diffusion in some of the most influential European festivals, the 11 partners share the ambition of amplifying voices of artists and creators.

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