Discover TIMES curations at Elevate 2024

From February 28 to March 3, Elevate was the first festival to welcome TIMES curations in 2024. Elevate hosted Insomnia, Le Guess Who? and Sónar.

Discover the TIMES lineup:

Co-curated with Insomnia

Petra Hermanova (CZ)
Hassan Abou Alam (EG)

Petra Hermanova © Clara Wildberger

Co-curated with Le Guess Who?

Animastic Beliefs (NL)
Memorials (UK)

Memorials © Reza Kellner

Co-curated with Sónar

Colleen (FR)
Kode9 (UK)
Shawn Reynaldo (US)
Ryoji Ikeda (JP)

Kode9 and Shawn Reynaldo © Clara Wildberger

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