TIMES curations at Terraforma Exo 2024

Terraforma Exo is the festival organised by Threes Productions in Parco Sempione, in Milan. They host curations from Elevate, Le Guess Who? and Semibreve. Terraforma Exo breaks away from traditional locations to explore new geographies, facilitating moments of deep introspection and critical thinking.

TIMES programme includes live performances, installations, sound walks and a lecture, to explore the intersection of contemporary sound and ecology.


Caterina Barbieri
Kelman Duran
Margarida Mendes
Nídia & Valentina Magaletti

Caterina Barbieri — Co-curated with Elevate

The musical vortexes of Caterina Barbieri
rewire time and space. At Terraforma Exo, Caterina Barbieri presents ‘Ultimo Cielo’, a captivating new track and sound installation set within Torre Branca, co-curated with Elevate Festival and supported by TIMES.

Kelman Duran is a Dominican producer, composer and visual artist known for his expansive soundscapes and dembow and reggaeton infusions.

While he sees his music as a purely emotional counterpart to his visual arts and film work, his artistic and scholarly interests focus on issues of racism, police brutality, and the interplay between disenfranchised groups and civil architecture. Kelman Duran is co-curated with Le Guess Who?

Kelman Duran — Co-curated with Le Guess Who?
Margarida Mendes — Co-curated with Semibreve

Margarida Mendes’s research explores the overlap between infrastructure, ecology, experimental film, and sound practices, investigating environmental transformations and their impact on societal structures and cultural production.

She is interested in exploring alternative modes of education and political resilience through her curatorial practice and activism.

Margarida Mendes gives a lecture titled ‘Expanded River Listening‘, co-curated with Semibreve.

TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE (TQS) is an artist collective started in 2014 by experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, composer and cellist Sandro Mussida, and video artist Rebecca Salvadori.
TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE constructs a system of experiences that unfolds generatively through residency projects, events, films, and publications that delve into the relationships between different sound traditions, the perception of time, and the environment.

On the occasion of Terraforma Exo, TQS has developed Landscapes as a live performance that also becomes a site-specific installation designed for the spaces of Triennale Milano. The installation houses the performance, serving as both a preparation and anticipation for the act — an open worksite that simultaneously constructs and documents the collective’s practice and collaborative approach.

TQS is co-curated with Semibreve.

TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE — Co-curated with Semibreve — Credits: Stefano Mattea

Nídia & Valentina Magaletti — Co-curated with Le Guess Who?

Nídia is an internationally acclaimed Afro-Portuguese electronic producer and DJ, based out of Vale da Amoreira, south bank of River Tagus, across from Lisbon. As part of the Príncipe Discos record label and artistic collective, she has been having a decisive role, both as an individual artist and as within the community, in bringing inspiringly progressive aesthetics and ethics to the contemporary alternative dance infrastructure across the globe, and the kuduro culture in particular.
Valentina Magaletti is a drummer-composer and multi-instrumentalist with an inventive approach to drums and percussion. Her versatile technique, which can incorporate anything from vibes and marimba to contact microphones and found objects, results in a style that is forever evolving.

Together they present a unique collaboration that is the result of another joint effort with Hundebiss and Le Guess Who?

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