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TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE (TQS) is an artist collective started in 2014 by experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, composer and cellist Sandro Mussida, and video artist Rebecca Salvadori. TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE constructs a system of experiences that unfolds generatively through residency projects, events, films, and publications that delve into the relationships between different sound traditions, the perception of time, and the environment.

Landscapes, the latest act of the collective Tutto Questo Sentire, merges video and live performance into a single set with musicians Kenichi Iwasa, Akihide Monna, and light artist Charlie Hope. Featured works include Albe by Sandro Mussida (2023), with real-time streaming from internet cameras, saw waves, cello, alongside Messengers by Rebecca Salvadori (2023), a film and live a/v set sonorized by Kenichi Iwasa; the live performance of experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori and drummer Akihide Monna (GAISTER).

On the occasion of Terraforma Exo, Tutto Questo Sentire has developed Landscapes as a live performance that also becomes a site-specific deconstructed film set designed for the spaces of the Triennale Milano. Co-curated with Semibreve.

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