Manchester, United Kingdom

Iceboy Violet

Iceboy’s work searches for personal and collective catharsis. Emotive vocal based performance, using physicality as a point of connection. Drawing from raw experimental club music, tinges of warped pop abstraction, rap and performance art.

Alongside Blackhaine, Space Afrika and Rainy Miller, Iceboy Violet has helped develop a distinct new vocabulary for rap and live performance, emphasising physicality and vulnerability as a means to achieve personal and collective catharsis. For their latest work, forthcoming on Hyperdub, they have collaborated with Mallorca-born, Barcelona-based producer Nueen, whose intimate ambient productions soundtrack a deeply personal diary of the aftermath of a breakup.

In collaboration with Nueen, they presents the album You Said You’d Hold My Hand Through The Fire at Sónar 2024, co-curated with Berlin Atonal.

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