Manchester, United Kingdom

Olof Dreijer

Most descriptions of Olof Dreijer start with the fact that he was one half of pioneering duo The Knife. What they should start with is that he’s also responsible for some of the most forward-thinking dance music released this century. Between 2008 and 2010, under his Oni Ayhun alias he released a series of minimal, mind-bending singles that still sound like nothing else around. This year, he finally stepped out of the shadows to release a colourful, percussive EP under his own name on Hessle Audio, and has begun to DJ again after a long hiatus. He’ll be joined at Sónar by Day 2024 by Colombian-born percussionist Diva Cruz for a hybrid set mixing live drumming with DJing. Together, they’ll explore rhythmically diverse zones – from Portuguese batida and crisp techno to rough baile funk and lush house.

Olof Dreijer & Diva Cruz present an hybrid set in Sónar 2024, co-curated with reworks.

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