Since 2005


Reworks is more than just a fusion of sounds and concepts; it’s a vibrant convergence of voices, a platform for dialogue, and a gateway to the future. Originating from Thessaloniki, Greece, its mission is to showcase the diverse landscape of contemporary music through the works of both local talents and global artists. From experimental compositions to advanced electronic beats, from seasoned performers to rising stars, Reworks promises 5 days and nights brimming with music, discourse, and dance.

The festival offers a dynamic array of musical styles, live performances, transforming Thessaloniki into a melting pot for music enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs from around the globe. Over its history, Reworks has featured the works of 1300 artists, with an equal focus on international and domestic talent, particularly spotlighting Greece’s electronic music scene and nurturing emerging artists.

Since its inception in 2005, Reworks has been a catalyst for the growth and recognition of electronic music in Greece, elevating Thessaloniki’s status on the global music stage while bridging diverse musical genres. It’s more than a festival; it’s a symbol of modern Greek culture, uniting contemporary expressions and forward-looking music against the backdrop of Thessaloniki’s rich history.

Reworks serves as a nexus for Greece’s musical youth, renowned for its accessibility and high-quality programming. Nestled within the historic Byzantine city, each edition of Reworks marks a milestone in the evolution of innovative entertainment, featuring influential musicians, both local and international, amidst the pleasant autumn climate of Greece. It’s a celebration of creativity, a beacon for new trends, and a testament to Thessaloniki’s vibrant cultural scene.

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