Izabela Dłużyk

Field recording

Izabela Dłużyk

Izabela Dłużyk is a Polish nature sound recordist. She has recorded many birds including cranes in the Warta Mouth, cormorants on the Vistula Spit, geese in the Beka reserve, whooper swans in the Słupia Valley and storks in Żywków on the border with Russia among the many others. She was named to BBC 100 Women list in November 2023.

Born blind, Dłużyk developed interest in birds, particularly parrots. She began recording bird noises at the age of 12 after getting a cassette recorder from family. Dłużyk has developed a specific sensitivity to birdsong since getting the cassette recorder from her family. Because of this, she can identify species solely based on its sound. Among her credits are an album made in collaboration with the Australian firm Listening Earth including sounds from the Białowieża Forest. She began her quest by recording birds and their sounds.

Izabela Dłużyk is part of the performance Białowieża, that has been commissioned by Berlin Atonal, Semibreve, Sónar and Unsound as part of The Crossing, a collaborative curatorial project supported by TIMES.

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